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We’re a team of  music enthusiasts who have been collecting for as long as we can remember.  We know the excitement of finding that vinyl record, CD, DVD, book or collectible that you’ve been searching for – maybe for months or even years.

We’re obsessed with helping you build your own music collections by finding, buying and selling vinyl records, CD’s, DVD’s and collectibles. There are all sorts of reasons why you want to add that certain item to your collection, so lets get started by saving you time, money and perhaps even your SANITY.

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Since 2011 our customers worldwide have appreciated the curated quality, detailed product listings and realistic market pricing of our rare and hard to find items. Purchase with confidence from a team of professionals offering excellent service.

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This is where you’ll find curated rare and hard to find music and collectible items direct from the private collections of our team and network.

Our Finder Service is perfect for anyone serious about locating and purchasing an item of value.

Add your Wanted items to our database.

Sell your rare and hard to find items to make way for your current purchases.

We specialize in music items released since 1960. However, please note that we are not experts in the Classical, Country or Folk music genres.

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Dave and Ashley

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